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P-51 Mustang News - 2016 and Older
P-51 Mustang News - 2016 and Older
MustangsMustangs P-51 News - Older

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  A68-199 First Flight since 1978  
  Dec 16 2016  
Congrats to Peter Gill for the restoration of A68-199 to flying condition. Last flown around 1978, she flew at the hands of Nick Caudwell with Peter Robinson as GIB on Dec 16 2016. Always a great day to have another P-51 airworthy!

  Robert A Hoover flies West early in the morning of 10/25/16  
  Oct 25 2016  
Every aviator knows the name "Bob Hoover". He left a permanent mark on many of us when we were young future pilots, as we watched his impressive antics in the Shrike Commander and the P-51 Mustang. "Best stick and rudder pilot ever", he has been called - and earned. Bob flew west early this morning, he was 94. His aviation career started as a teenager. He enlisted in the AAF in WWII. He was shot down, then escaped. He was test pilot. He revolutionized the airshow biz with his incredible flying in the Shrike Commander and the P-51 Mustang. He was the pace pilot for the unlimited class at the Reno Air Races for many years. Blue skies R.A. "Bob" Hoover.

  G-MSTG Crashed - Hardwick UK - 1 fatal, 1 Serious  
  Oct 02 2016  
On October 2, 2016, P-51 Mustang, G-MSTG, 45-11518, owned and flown by Maurice Hammond crashed at Hardwick Airfield in Norfolk UK. The crash happened while landing. It was reported that a significant crosswind was present during landing. The P-51 landed 3-point, then bounced once (or more) then struck a tree while Hammond tried to go-around. Hammond, 58, suffered serious injuries. His passenger, 84 year-old John Marshall was killed. Condolences to family and friends of John Marshall and a speedy recovery to Maurice Hammond.

  P-51 Buyer/Seller/Owner Mike Coutches Gone West at Age 92  
  Sep 10 2016  
One of the key people to fuel the civilian P-51 market in the late 1950's, Michael Coutches has gone west at age 92. Coutches ran his aircraft busines, American Aircraft Sales out of Hayward CA. They had recently moved it over the hill to Livermore. He bought surplus P-51s from McClellan AFB in Sacramento. He maintained, flew, upgraded and then sold them to civilian owners starting in the late 50's. Coutches has 2 P-51s in flying condition and a P-51H in the early stages of restoration. His son Steve has been doing the flying duties for many years.

Some of the P-51s he has owned: N2972D, he bought surplus from McClellan in September 1957. He also bought 45-11559 surplus from McClellan in December 1977 for $826! He owned yet to be Air Race Champion "Voodoo" in 1969. He also owned another Air Race Champion, "Dago Red" before it became such. The list goes on.

His flying P-51H, 44-64314, he purchased from William Hogan in 1966. His other P-51H, 44-64203, he kept at his home away from the public - only a few knew of it until the last 2 years when they published photos and info about it. Considered one of the civilian P-51 and warbird market pioneers in the late 50's, Michael Coutches of Hayward CA, Gone West Sep 10 2016. Condolences to his family and friends.

  P-51D 44-73990 First Post-Restoration New Look  
  May 18 2016  
The Henley's P-51D N51TH 44-73990 is now flying as 353rd FG "Alabama Rammer Jammer"

  N351BD Crashed - Maricopa AZ - 2 fatal  
  Feb 05 2016  
P-51 N351BD, 44-63634, Big Beautiful Doll, with pilot and passenger, crashed in Maricopa AZ about 35 mi south of Phoenix. Witnesses state the aircraft plunged straight into the ground exploding into flames. The aircraft is owned by Jeffrey Pino and based at Chandler AZ. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Jeffrey Pino and Nick Tramontano.

  P-51D 44-73990 First Post-Restoration Flight  
  Aug 25 2015  
The Henley's P-51D N51TH 44-73990 flew for the first time after a long restoration completed by Aeroplace Services Inc in Denison TX. The current color is zinc-chromate but will be painted as 353rd FG "Alamabama Rammer Jammer"

  A68-104 VH-BOB Restoration Update  
  Jul 20 2015  
After a gear-up landing in 2008, VH-BOB has been in a full restoration. A defective landing gear clam shell door hinge was the culprit. The gear-up landing was performed flawlessly with both pilot and passenger escaping without injury.

Col Bud Anderson and P-51 Old Crow statue dedicated at Auburn Ca airport on May 16 2015. Anderson grew up in the Auburn area and locals decided to honor their hero. Anderson is a very humble and approachable WWII veteran, who will always tell you he was just doing his job. A fitting dedication to Anderson, one of America's greatest generation.

  P-51 44-84896 N5416V Up for Auction  
  May 06 2015  
Ken Scholz bought P-51 44-84896, N5416V, in 1973. It has been stored at the Torrence CA airport for more than 30 years. In 2004, Ken Scholz died leaving the P-51 to his wife. In 2012, Marlene Scholz passed away. Proceedings began to bring the P-51 to auction - rumors started in 2013. It is time. The auction will be online June 2-4 2015.

  P-51B 43-24837 First Flight as Berlin Express  
  Nov 07 2014  
Max Chapman's P-51B 43-24837 Berlin Express flew for the first time on Nov 7 2014 with John Muszala at the controls. Muszala and his crew at Pacific Fighters has finished another stunning P-51 restoration - complete with the huge nose-art on the right side and very cool main gear tires. Capt. William Overstreet Jr flew Berlin Express during WWII. Overstreet passed away earlier this year at the age of 92. He was the pilot that chased an ME-109 under the Eiffel Tower in France and had many exciting flights during his career.

  P-51 44-74453 N51ZW Flew after Restoration as Frances Dell  
  Oct 30 2014  
Carl Patrick purchased 44-74453 a couple years ago, she was previously owned by the late Bob Baranaskas. Patrick hired Midwest Aero Restorations to perform a restoration as the 78th FG P-51 Frances Dell. Frances Dell flew today, Oct 30 2014, at Danville IL. Congrats to owner Carl Patrick and to Mike Vandeboncour and his crew at Midwest Aero Restorations. She is beautiful.

  Big Beautiful Doll N351BD Safe Belly Landing  
  Oct 23 2014  
P-51 44-63634, N351BD, Big Beautiful Doll, was involved in an on airport belly landing on Oct 23 2014 at Mesa AZ. Owner Jeff Pino gently set her down after the gear refused to extend. Pino was not hurt, but his P-51 will undergo some repairs in the near future. We hope to see him and BBD flying again in the coming months. Not something any aircraft owner or pilot wants to do, but nicely done Jeff.

  P-51 44-74446 Crashes in Durango CO - 2 fatal  
  Jul 04 2014  
At about 9:29 AM P-51 44-74446 N1451D crashed near County Rd 309A in Durango CO. The P-51 hit the road and crashed off the road. The pilot and passenger were both fatally injured. Accident occured shortly after take-off. A full NTSB investigation has started. Condolences to the families and friends. Blue skies to pilot/owner John Earley and instructor/px Michael Schlarb.

  Eddie Andreini Lost in Airshow Crash  
  May 04 2014  
Eddie Andreini, a veteran airshow pilot, was killed in an airshow crash at Travis AFB in California on Sunday May 4 2014. Andreini was performing an inverted ribbon cut in his modified Stearman when the crash happened. He had performed this maneuver many, many times before. He was a great performer and fun guy. He has had an airshow low-level waiver for a long time. Anyone who has been to the Watsonville Antique Fly-In has seen him perform in his Stearman and Yak. In 2011 Eddie added a P-51 to his hangar in Half Moon Bay. He will be sorely missed.

  Jerry Gabe Flown West Mar 19 2014  
  Mar 19 2014  
Jerry Gabe of Hollister Ca, past owner of P-51 "Polar Bear" passed away on Mar 19 2014. Gabe owned Polar Bear from 1995 until 2012. He flew her until the early 2000's when Dave Morss took over flying duties. He was a friendly and kind man that would help you any way he could. He always had time to talk to you and was a wealth of information on the P-51.

Ted Contri passed away March 14 2014 of cancer. Ted has owned and flown the P-51 Mustang since the late 1970's. A true gentleman and one of the nicest men you would ever know. He would give you the rudder off his P-51 it that would help you get to where you want to go. He will be dearly missed in the skies over Carson City NV.

  Ray Hofman lost in his newly acquired Seafury N13HP  
  Feb 19 2014  
Ray Hofman crashed in his newly acquired Seafury N13HP yesterday afternoon, Feb 18 2014, around 4pm local time at Breckenridge TX. Hofman was the pilot/owner of P-51 45-11391 also. He enjoyed fast cars and warbirds. Condolences to his family and friends.

  44-73458 Galveston Gal Crashed in Texas - Pilot/Pax lost  
  Oct 23 2013  
Today, Oct 23 2013 at approx 11:40 am local time, TF-51 44-73458 crashed into Halls Lake near Chocolate Bay, Galveston Texas. The Coast Guard recovered 2 bodies from the aircraft. No names have been released. Cause of the crash is unknown at this time. Condolences to the Lone Star Flight Museum, friends and family of the victims. Galveston Gal had been returned to flying status with new paint in March 2011 and is owned/operated by the Lone Star Flight Museum.


  44-63889 "Queen of Hearts" has New 352nd FG Paint  
  May 01 2013  
Stu and Patrick Davidson's P-51 44-63889 now based in Port Elizabeth South Africa has new paint. Queen of Hearts is now painted in 352nd Fighter Group colours. New air to air photos have been posted on the P-51 Survivor page. They were taken by Justin de Reuck near Port Elizabeth.

  Robert Converse Passes Away - Apr 14 2013  
  Apr 14 2013  
Robert Converse had been battling a tough illness for some time. He passed away Sunday Morning on April 14 2013. He owned, flew and raced #72 44-72811 Huntress III and owned her from 1988 to 2007.

Bill Yoak passed away March 12, 2013. He was always willing to share his knowledge and memories of the old survivors, never skipping the opportunity to tell a story or two. He was a big contributor to this site with his vast P-51 Survivor memories, his many posts in P-51 Who? make it a great trip down memory lane. The P-51 and warbird communities have lost a true craftsman and guardian of the P-51. Our sincere condolences to his family.

  Jeff Harris, gone west, 5th March 2013  
  Mar 05 2013  
Jeff Harris, owner of Allied Fighters in Chino CA, passed away on March 5th 2013. Jeff's work tells a story of his fine craftsmanship. He also had a way of making you feel like an old friend the very first time you meet. Harris was a very likeable and down to earth guy. He flew, re-built and maintained P-51s and P-38s and was well known around the west coast. There will be an empty spot in the Chino airshow this coming May where Jeff has been flying sorties in the P-51 and P-38. He will be missed. Blue Skies Jeff Harris.

Gordon Plaskett, a P-51 owner, restorer, pilot and trainer, passed away on Feb 26 2013. His restorations date back to 1974 at his shop in King City CA. Gordon also trained pilots in a TF-51. He owned several P-51s during his time including the famed Crazy Horse TF-51 N851D.

Freddy Cabanas, long-time pilot was killed in a crash in Cozumel Mexico on the afternoon of Tues Jan 15 2013. He was flying an extreme sports reporter named Jorge Lopez Vives who also died. The flight was part of a documentary to promote an airshow. Cabanas has flown in many airshows over his career and was hooked on aerobatics. He raced at Reno a few years back flying a Sea Fury "Conch Fury" and the P-51 "Lucious Lisa". Freddy flew a great line for photographers hugging the poles and scraping the brush. He was a gentleman and a character that was fun to be around. Cabanas was 60 and survived by his two children and wife.

  Blue Skies Bob Odegaard  
  Sep 07 2012  
Warbird owner, pilot and restorer Robert Odegaard of Kindred ND, crashed while practicing an airshow routine in his F2G Super Corsair at the Barnes County Municipal Airport in Valley City ND. Odegaard was killed. He was 66.

  44-84850 to be Restored to Former Glory as "Su Su"  
  Aug 27 2012  
Walter Bagdasarian recently purchased 44-84850 and has begun a full restoration. The P-51 will be restored as it was when owned by the late Nazzi Hirani as "Su Su". Hirani was a very enthusiastic warbird pilot and owner who shared the thrill of the P-51 with many fans. Bagdasarian plans to uphold the tradition. Su Su will fly again. Congratulations Walter and thank you for preserving memories of a fine man and yet another P-51.

Jerry Gabe has owned Polar Bear since 1995. 43-6006 crashed in the Alaska mountains in 1944. A recovery effort was launched in 1977 by Waldon "Moon" Spillers. He spent seven years restoring the P-51A using parts from a P-51D as well as parts recovered from the wreck. Gabe flew Polar Bear as well as Dan Martin to west coast air shows. Polar Bear made noise at the Reno Air Races starting in 2005. Gabe based N51Z out of Hollister CA and was part of a group of six P-51s at the field for a while. Hollister is down another P-51 as the list grows smaller and smaller. The new owner is John Dowd from Syracuse Kansas. Congrats to Mr. Dowd.

  Brent Hisey Acquires P-51C Project 42-103740 N309PV  
  Apr 27 2012  
Brent Hisey, owner of the famed P-51 Racer "Miss America" has recently picked up a P-51C project. The restoration will be by Warbirds Inc of Oklahoma City OK. The serial# is 42-103740 and it is registered as N309PV. As more information comes forward, we will post it here.

The Early Bird Foundation of the Netherlands has spent several years restoring 44-74923 to airworthy status. All their hard work and determination has lead to a first flight in March 2012. 44-74923 was raced at Reno by the late Gary Levitz and a red #38 "Miss Ashley". It was sold to the Early Birds Foundation in the late 90's and shipped to the Netherlands in a crate where is stayed until 2004. 44-74923 was finished in the 357th FG colors honoring Captain Robert P. Winks as "Trusty Rusty".

  44-73751 Sold, New Paint  
  Jan 25 2012  
After rescuing 44-73751 from outside rot and weather on the southeast ramp at San Jose Muni (now San Jose International), Selby Burch sells her to Darren Moore of SoCal. Moore picks out some new paint and a few months later she's looking great again.

  44-73704 N6168C Sufferred a Hard Landing at Hollister CA  
  Oct 24 2011  
44-73704 suffered a hard landing at Hollister CA. The left main partially collapsed during a ground loop causing damage to the left wing and a subsequent prop strike. New owner Michael Malcolm reported that a crew pilot was performing a landing when the incident happened. No one was hurt, the weather was VFR. The P-51 recently went through a full systems check and upgrade from Dave Teeters of Salinas CA. Malcolm said that the repairs will begin asap to get this beautiful P-51 back in the air.

  Jimmy Leeward 1936 - 2011  
  Sep 16 2011  
Veteran air racing pilot, Jimmy Leeward perishes in crash at Reno Air Races.

  P-51 Galloping Ghost Crash - Reno 2011  
  Sep 16 2011  
Jimmy Leeward in his P-51 Galloping Ghost crashed into the box seats in front of the main grandstands at the Reno Air Races. Many fatalities at the scene, including veteran air racer Jimmy Leeward and others at the hospital. The races were canceled for the rest of 2011. Preliminary photos and video point to mechanical failure as the cause.

  Andreini Flys Newly Restored 44-73079  
  Aug 16 2011  
Eddie Andreini was all smiles as he taxied out to runway 26 at Salinas Ca (KSNS) for his first flight in his newly restored P-51 44-73079. Formerly N151BL owned by famed Bob Love, 44-73079 is now N451EA and will reside in Half Moon Bay Ca. Andreini has thousands of Yak and Stearman flying hours so the move to the P-51 was easy. He looked like a pro on his first flight.

  45-11540 sold, moving to the Czech Republic  
  Aug 02 2011  
Jim Reed owned 45-11540, "Excalibur" since 1998. It is now sold to Peter Turek and moving to the Czech Republic.

  44-64675 Sold to Paul Ehlen in July 2011  
  Aug 01 2011  
44-63675 to be restored to it's former WWII colors as Sierra Sue. 44-63675 has been in storage for the few years, but is now owned by Paul Ehlen. She will begin a restoration back to airworthiness and original WWII markings in August 2011.

  Dan Martin Sells Ridge Runner III  
  Jul 20 2011  
Dan Martin waved good-bye to an old friend on July 20 2011. P-51 N151DM, 44-72483 left her home at Hollister California without Dan inside. Ridge Runner is now owned by Pat Harker. She will be based in Minnesota. Harker is far into a P-82 Twin Mustang Restoration. Ridge Runner is in good hands but will be missed by all of us on the west coast.

During a break to land, Rob Davies in A68-192 "Big Beautiful Doll" was hit just forward of the P-51 tail by the right wing tip of an AD-1 Skyraider. Both aircraft were jolted severely. The AD-1 lost several feet of wingtip, lost momentary control but regained control and landed safely. The P-51 pitch control was lost and pilot Rob Davies ejected the canopy and then himself with only seconds left to impact. Both pilots are OK!

  February and Fragile but Agile visit Duxford  
  Jul 01 2011  
A portion of the FAF (Friedkin Air Force) is visiting Duxford for the July 2011 Flying Legends show. The two P-51s were disassembled, crated and shipped over to the UK, then un-crated and re-assembled and will be flown in the show. As of July 1, Steve, John and Stevo Hinton had both of them on their gear and will be busy to get them 100% airworthy. Friedkin is not shy to share his warbirds as he has done this before. Duxford Legends is definitely on the bucket list.

  44-72339 Gone Back to WWII Colors  
  Jun 28 2011  
After 4 years of work the Cavanaugh Museum P-51, 44-72339 N251JC, is flying again in original WWII markings as "Brat III".

  N314BG 44-73140 Sold June 2011  
  Jun 22 2011  
Les Heikkila owner Petie 2nd N314BG since 2004. This P-51 has been "Petie 2nd" since the late 80's. The new registered owner is G E Air Inc of New Iberia Louisiana. Heikkila could be seen with Petie 2nd at Oshkosh and was present at the GML 2007.

  Lewis Shaw Sold N6168C 44-73704  
  May 09 2011  
Lewis Shaw purchased Lefty Gardner's P-51 "Thunderbird" Race #25 in 1994. He removed the paint, polished the fuselage, added Korea Markings "FF-704" and a silhouette Thunderbird nose art. The work performed by Ezell Aviation. The P-51 has been kept in great shape and at the GML 2007 sported rockets and drop tanks for a cool look. The proud new owner is Michael Malcolm of Aspen Colorado. The reg will stay and she will be based in Aspen. Congrats to Mr. Malcolm.

  Lone Star Flying Museum Galveston Gal  
  Mar 07 2011  
In December of 2009 Lone Star Flying Museum purchased TF-51 44-73458 N4151D. After a full IRAN inspection and new green-noser paint N4151D is now "Galveston Gal".

  Another P-51 to South Africa  
  Mar 07 2011  
In 2010, 44-74494 N72FT went to S. Africa. Now, 44-63899 has been sold to Stu Davidson and is also flying in S. Africa. 44-63899 is now "Queen of Hearts" and is attracting quite a crowd every time the hangar opens.

  Bank has sold Dago Red - In Good Hands?  
  Feb 11 2011  
Taken back by the bank during the most recent Frank Taylor ownership, Dago Red has been sold to a former race crew member and BMX rider Eric Hoffman. Speculation zooms as to the future of the fastest Unlimited Racer at Reno.

  P-51 Mustang Sales during 2010  
  Jan 01 2011  
P-51 sales in 2010 declined a bit but hard times have forced some hard decisions.

  Mustang Sally SOLD, Moving to S. Africa  
  Sep 30 2010  
N72FT, "Mustang Sally" sold and moving to South Africa. After re-assembly, new owner Menno Parsons had Stu Davidson do the honors for the first flight in South Africa. This P-51 has had many different paint schemes and been based in the UK and in the USA.

  Paul Besterveld to Restore 44-73454  
  Jun 25 2010  
Paul Besterveld has purchased 44-73454, N2051D and will restore it keeping the same scheme but adding a polished metal fuselage. This Is It was owned since 1984 by Richard Bjelland and seen on the west Coast.

P-51 Air Racing "Rookies" Chuck Greenhill and Rod Lewis are schooled by the best like Stu Eberhardt and earn their air racing wings for the upcoming Reno Air Races in September 2010.

  Nazzi Hirani crashed in his P-51  
  Mar 11 2010  
Hirani was described as one of the nicest persons you could meet. He regularly took the time to show everyone his P-51 and enjoyed meeting new friends. He enjoyed spending time at air shows talking to the crowd. He was killed instantly when his P-51 veered off landing course and tumbled into hangars at Stellar Airpark in Chandler Arizona. Details of the crash are not yet available. There was no radio call for help. Impact was estimated at over 100 mph. A fire prevented an immediate rescue attempt from witnesses at the airport. Nazzi was a true patriot and proud to be an American. Everyone who new him always spoke highly of Nazzi.

Long time P-51 owner and pilot Tom Wood lost a tough battle with lung cancer on Feb 4 2010. Wood has owned and flown the same P-51 for 40 years, quite an accomplishment. He also owned and flew a T-6 and an F-86 Sabre. Wood was 77, just a few days from his 78th birthday.

  From Rusian P-51 to 78th FG  
  Jan 28 2010  
Cielos LLC purchased N251BP from Bernie Jackson in mid 2009. New paint and a few upgrades were next: 78th Fighter Group white and black checkered nosed "Buzzin Cuzzin" flown by Lt. William B Spengler of the 83rd FS was chosen and 44-84753 was sent to Pacific Fighters in Idaho to do the work.

  The P-51 Mustang is Still a Hot Seller  
  Jan 15 2010  
The P-51 Mustang is the most popular warbird fighter of all time. Many P-51s changed owners in 2009 . . .

For years, and years, and more years I watched P-51 44-73751 rot and weather on the southeast ramp at San Jose Muni (now San Jose International). Rumors would fly about why this P-51 is sitting outside ...

David B. Lindsay Jr., owner and Architect of Cavalier Aircraft Corporation, died on July 2, 2009 at home in Florida. Lindsay was 86 years old and had been battling Parkinson's disease for several years. He had experienced 6,000 hours of flying in many aircraft, especially the P-51 Mustang. Lindsay was president of and founded Air Caicos, an airline that worked in the West Indies. He also published the Sarasota Herald-Tribune which was founded by his father.

  John Bagley's Cavalier Returns to Sky  
  Jun 15 2009  
John Bagley's Cavalier F-51D 67-22579 crashed in December of 2006 after an engine failure. Bagley skillfully put her down on a busy highway median close to the airport in Rexburg Idaho. He came out with minor injuries but the aircraft was substantially damaged.

After nearly 18 months of work, she flies again. N551BJ (formerly N251RM) was seen in a bare metal finish with no markings at the Rexburg Airshow. We are looking forward to seeing the finished paint when completed. Congrats to John Bagley and crew for some hard work the last year or so.

Thanks to Travis Hopkins for the report.

  Famed Racer, Dago Red Sold  
  May 20 2009  
Ryan and Greg Costo's dream of bringing Dago Red back to the winner's circle at the Reno Air Races, fell short. Costo's sold the famed multi-year champion in May 2009 to Frank Taylor. Taylor was one of the original creators of Dago Red back in 1981. Taylor is joined by three others in a partnership to add a 7th first place trophy for Dago Red.

  Robert Baranaskas Lost in P-40 Crash  
  Apr 06 2009  
P-51 owner and pilot Robert Baranaskas died when his P-40 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on April 5. He was practicing for an upcoming airshow on the east coast. Baranaskas was 61.

  New P-51 Owners in 2008  
  Dec 15 2008  
A Vintage P-51 Mustang can be yours for a cool million (or two)!

  P-51s Changing Hands  
  Dec 15 2007  
The P-51 Mustang continues to be a hot seller ...

  Elmer Ward Passes  
  Sep 20 2007  
Elmer Ward, P-51 owner, pilot, restorer and parts supplier passes after long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

  Gerry Beck Crash at EAA Airventure KOSH  
  Jul 27 2007  
Gerry Beck was lost in a crash after a landing collision at EAA Airventure. Beck was well known for his P-51 restoration talent and his recent scratch-built P-51A.

  McKittrick Fatal Crash - P-51 Lou IV  
  Jul 17 2007  
John McKittrick was a proud new owner of this beautiful P-51D previously owned for many years by Chuck Greenhill. John was an accomplished pilot and was receiving dual instruction in his P-51 from Matt Jackson. McKittrick was killed when his P-51 crashed during a solo flight go-around.

  P-51s Sold During 2006  
  Jan 15 2007  
The P-51 Mustang is still a popular selling warbird. 2006 has seen many new P-51 owners.

The warbird community is in shock. Art Vance, long-time P-51 owner and pilot, Reno Air Race Check Pilot, crashes near Cookville Tn. while ferryng the Chino Air Museum's Hellcat. Vance, 64 from Sebastapol, Ca, was killed.

  Fatal P-51 Crash During EAA Airventure  
  Jul 26 2005  
Richard James, owner of P-51D, 44-74417 N6327T, crashed while holding with three other P-51s during the EAA Airventure show in Oshkosh Wi. James, 56 of Fennimore, Wi was killed.

  Oshkosh 2004 P-51 Mustangs  
  Aug 02 2004  
Bob Baker with his 2nd P-51, Sweet and Lovely, brings home the gold with an excellent presentation at EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, WI. The competition was extrememly tough ...

  Don Hinz Lost in crash of CAF P-51C  
  May 29 2004  
Don Hinz, flying the CAF P-51C -- Tuskegee Airmen by Request -- redtail, was killed when the aircraft lost power during an airwhow and crashed in a residential area of Red Wing, Mn. in May 2004.

  Fatal P-51 Crash in Urbana Indiana  
  Feb 20 2003  
P-51 crash during maneuvers over Urbana Indiana takes the life of local businessman, James Shuttleworth, owner and pilot of TF-51 44-72977 N93TF, Scat VII.

Jeff Michael and passenger Butch Cauble escape from powerless P-51 45-11381 N551CB as they emerge under the overcast at about 1,200 feet agl in a North Carolina wooded area. Both Michael and Cauble were wearing chutes and jumped from -- Glamorous Glenn III -- owned by Gary Honbarrier.

  Mustang Owner, John MacGuire, 1931-2004  
  Aug 13 2001  
Warbird collector and P-51 owner/pilot John Macguire died of a heart attack in August 13, 2001. Macguire was founder of the War Eagles Air Museum in Santa Teresa, NM. Macguire was 80 years old.

P-51, It's About Time, owner and pilot, Heber Costello, died when his C-185 crashed during a landing in Louisiana. While on short final he had to avoid a vehicle and hit power lines and crashed.

  Ken McBride - A New P-51 Pilot  
  Feb 16 1999  
With overcast and a slight crosswind, new P-51 owner Ken McBride became a P-51 pilot. After lessons from Stu Eberhardt and Dan Martin, McBride gets airborn in his RCAF P-51 Mustang.