The North American P-51 Mustang
Oshkosh 2004
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P-51 Mustang at Oshkosh 2004
Oshkosh P-51s Page 2
story and photography by Curtis Fowles

So we have over 20 P-51s on site at EAA Airventure 2004. A very good showing. Of course, the XP-51 and "Paul I" are based at the EAA Museum in Oshkosh and a few of them did not stay during the entire week of Airventure. One or two left by Friday morning, a few more left on Saturday, many left on Sunday morning and the remaining few stayed until Monday or so.

u.44-74230.cf1.2378t.jpg u.44-74230.cf1.2497t.jpg u.44-74230.cf1.2678t.jpg u.44-74230.cf1.2795t.jpg u.44-74230.cf1.2967z1t.jpg u.44-74417.cf1.2327t.jpg u.44-74417.cf1.3066t.jpg u.44-74417.cf1.3725t.jpg u.44-74417.cf1.3730t.jpg u.44-74446.cf1.2433t.jpg

The EAA Airventure show at Oshkosh WI, is the show that is used to showcase freshly restored warbirds. It is often heard "we will be done by Oshkosh". Good publicity, high level judging and a chance to show the public and the other P-51 owners and pilots your newly restored P-51 are some of the reasons pilots and owners choose to come to Oshkosh.

u.44-74446.cf1.2444t.jpg u.44-74446.cf1.2471t.jpg u.44-74446.cf1.2688t.jpg u.44-74446.cf1.3455t.jpg u.44-74446.cf1.3567t.jpg u.44-74474.cf1.2783t.jpg u.44-74474.cf1.2970t.jpg u.44-74474.cf1.3053t.jpg u.44-74474.cf1.3055t.jpg u.44-74878.cf1.4066t.jpg u.44-74878.cf1.4069t.jpg u.44-74878.cf1.4110z1t.jpg

You will also notice from the list of attendees that many are from states very close to Wisconsin. There seems to be some from the midwest each year and one or two from California and Florida. J

u.44-74878.cf1.4117z1t.jpg u.44-75007.cf1.4124t.jpg u.44-75007.cf1.4181t.jpg u.45-11540.cf1.3229t.jpg u.45-11540.cf1.3318t.jpg u.45-11540.cf1.3435t.jpg u.45-11540.cf1.3487t.jpg u.45-11559a.cf1.2634t.jpg u.45-11559a.cf1.2665t.jpg u.45-11559a.cf1.3412t.jpg u.45-11559a.cf1.3488t.jpg