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44-73990 N51TH "Alabama Rammer Jammer"
Tom Henley, Geiger, AL
P-51 Survivor 44-73990 N51TH
Status: Flying
NAA Type: P-51D-25NA
Serial #: 44-73990
Registry: N51TH
.. past:   N8674E
  N2116 (#2)
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History: 44-73990 N51TH "Alabama Rammer Jammer"
1951: RCAF 9282, Jan 23 1951 -- May 14 1959
1959: Feb 27, N8674E, return USA, James Defuria / Intercontinental Airways
1960: Jun 18, N8674E, Aero Enterprises
1960: Aug 14, N8674E, sale, Kieran Aviation Sales, Birmingham AL
1962: Feb 03, N8674E, sale, Jack Adams Aircraft Sales, Walls MS
1962: N8674E, sale, T. Guillot / Jackson Dental, Jackson MS
1962: Aug 03, N8674E, sale, Robert Graf, Tarkio MO
1965: Jan 19, N8674E, sale, Leonard Tanner / Tan Air Inc, North Granby CT
1972: N51LT, reg, Leonard Tanner, North Granby CT - camo (green/gry) paint with sharks mouth
1973: Apr 08, N8674E, sale, John Silberman, Sherborn MA
1973: Sep, N2116, annual in Florida, N2116 applied to P-51, John Silberman, Sherborn MA
1973: Sep 05, N2116, crashed, Yanceyville NC, John Silberman - return from Florida - coolant system failure - forced landing on highway, hit car
1975: Mar 18, N51LT, sale, Leonard Tanner, North Granby CT, rep. rebuilt w/parts from A68-175?
1979: Jan 08, N51TH, sale, Tom Henley, Emelle AL
1999: crash, gear up landing at Henley farm
1999: stored
200?: restoration started by Terry Rogers, RW Airframes. Corrosion from the storage. New Fuselage, rebuilt wings.
2012: Sep, restoration, nearing completion
2014: restoration continues
2015: Aug 21, first-flight, restoration by Aeroplace Services Inc in Denison TX
2017: Feb 15, N51TH, reg, Alabama Rammer Jammer LLC, Geiger AL
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  Dick Phillips   Warbird Images  
  Tom Hildreth   Tom's GML Page  
  John L. Dienst    
  Kenneth Williams    
  Mark Henley    
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