The North American P-51 Mustang
The North American P-51 Mustang
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P-51 Who?
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Case 431     Jan 01 2016
Bruce Guberman
P-51 Who
Santa Monica 1958/59
Kinda Tough
Case 362     Jun 03 2009
Dick Phillips
P-51 Who
unknown date/place
Case 120     Jun 01 2001
Tom Smith
P-51 Who
1959 Sarasota, FL
photo by Jim Hess
Extremely Hard
Case 430     Aug 13 2015
Jim Bowman
P-51 Who
We know the P-51, who is the pilot and GIB?
June 1969
Case 140     Nov 01 2001
Dick Phillips
P-51 Who
Extremely Hard
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Rob Campbell
Tuesday Dec 01 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 104
Growing up I spent most of my summers in West Chatham on Schoolhouse Pond. The pond was right around the corner from the Chatham Municipal Airport. It was always exciting when the Passion Wagon was in town during the summer. I could tell the distinctive sound of that engine starting up from blocks away. It was a happy time if you got to see him fly. I was sad when my Dad told me about the crash, but what a way to go for both of those gentlemen - each with their own connections to the sky.
Larry Belzac
Tuesday Nov 24 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 115
I have a shot of Mr Woolton visiting Cranbrook BC in the 60's with local ex RCAF pilot Don Revie in back. Don was killed when his Harvard crash during a low-level roll over the Cranbrook airfield several years later. I assume this aircraft was converted to a two sitter as I don't recall the RCAF having any duals??
Richard Burgan
Monday Oct 26 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 223
Just a few misspellings in your text. The name is spelled "Bolton", he was Ford Dealer in Maitland Florida, Johnny Bolton Ford. The location for the plane was "Sanford" Florida. I watched him fly that thing in the sky over Maitland many times. He certainly knew how to have fun with it. I assume that he was strictly VFR and never had any IFR training.
Ben Gay III
Wednesday Oct 14 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 152
Just checking in as promised!

All the best!

Ben Gay III
Former President Holiday Magic Cosmetics et al.
John Fletcher
Sunday Oct 11 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 24
I delivered 5412V from Orlando Municipal Airport to Vineland, NJ area (Milville Airport) in 1962. All I remember is a chiropractor sold it to a propane supplier. I am 86 now so some details escape me.
When It crashed in 1974 it was painted Orange & Bob Hoover had flown it to open the Miami Air Races a few months earlier.
Daniel Graham
Tuesday Sep 22 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 145
Incredibly I found this thread this morning as I was thinking of my late father Danny Graham.
He was a sheet metal specialist in the RAAF and retired with his final posting at RAAF Fairbourne Canberra in early 70’s.

My father worked on this exact same aircraft at Aerosmith hangar Canberra and I would help him on the weekends.
I was only about 10 or 11 years old but could fit in the fuselage easily and hold the dolly while my old man riveted from the outside.
What makes it clear in my mind is that it’s the exact same aircraft as my old man would always say that Hockey Treloar wanted it to be the fastest Mustang in the world and I remember clearly that the Rolls Royce Dart Turbo Prop engine was going to be installed in Sydney.
I think my dad was involved with the fitting of the drop tanks too as I remember this being talked about a lot.

Other jobs I would do was shoot the Starlings with an air rifle in the hangar which were an introduced species from England The birds were a pest with nesting in the wings and fuselage of the various aircraft in the hangar.

Another particular aircraft at the hangar about the same time was a Spitfire also owned by Hockey Treloar, we think the Starling problem may have began when the Spitfire was brought to Canberra from England as we found Starling nests in the wings.

I don’t remember meeting Hockey but my dad would always talk about him and how he was going to fund an expedition to New Guinea to salvage a crashed Japanese Zero from the jungle. My dad was asked if he wanted to go but for some reason this never occurred.

I do remember Bill Smith quite well as he was usually at the hangar on weekends, he seemed like a nice bloke although my dad said he was never paid for the work he did there for Bill.
Tom Coughlin
Tuesday Sep 22 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 431
Gene Moskow
Brian Myatt
Monday Aug 24 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 415
Those two buildings in the back ground above the right wing, sure look like the old North American Aviation building, then Westair airlines and now Skywest airlines Hangar, matted up to the CA N.G. 1106th AVCRAD building in Fresno Ca.
I worked in that old N.A. Hangar for about 15 years with the airlines, and my wife (didn't know her at the time worked in the N.G. building until it was torn down.
The pic looks like it would have been taken from some where on what is now the A.N.G ramp facility.
james cawthorne
Wednesday Aug 05 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 334
i dont know what got me thinking about jack today but i worked for him as a podiatrist for several years and boy do i have the stories(good ones, crazy ones,lol)he was unforgetable,one of a kind, could bs with anyone .he took me for a ride once and while we up he said somethings wrong and we have to land. we landed at a small airport and of course he drew a crowd. turns out a small door came open under the plane and was vibrating. easy fix.Those landings were something especially with a crosswind with his feet mashing the rudders to keep us on the runway!I have fond memories of Jack and Adrienne as does my wife Deborah.Not too many people get to ride in a Mustang.cell phone 8436289797. By the way his nurse was Joan Rabacoff(sp?) she had 5 children , so sad !
Ronnie Underwood
Wednesday Jul 22 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 20
Between 1975 till 1979 i worked at Nashville Flying Service Fbo where John stored his 51 along with a 109 messerschmitt and a stearman i had my bucket list fulfilled twice by getting a ride in 51 and stearman, john asked me why i never radioed him during 51 trip, wasn't taking my hands off bar and afraid to open my mouth, now i did have to clean them but well worth it