The North American P-51 Mustang
The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?
P-51 Who?
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P-51 Who?  
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5 OPEN P-51 Who Cases
Case 431     Jan 01 2016
Bruce Guberman
P-51 Who
Santa Monica 1958/59
Kinda Tough
Case 362     Jun 03 2009
Dick Phillips
P-51 Who
unknown date/place
Case 120     Jun 01 2001
Tom Smith
P-51 Who
1959 Sarasota, FL
photo by Jim Hess
Extremely Hard
Case 430     Aug 13 2015
Jim Bowman
P-51 Who
We know the P-51, who is the pilot and GIB?
June 1969
Case 140     Nov 01 2001
Dick Phillips
P-51 Who
Extremely Hard
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Kaye Riggs
Wednesday Feb 06 2019
P-51 Who Who Case: 159
Sadly, Robert Converse, an old friend although I'd lost contact with him for about 10 years prior to his passing, did leave us several years ago, I think 2013.

Robert and I flew together at Apollo Airways/Pacific Coast Airlines out of Santa Barbara back in the early 1980's. Robert went on to PSA/USAirways and I went on to Continental, retiring as a 767 Captain in 2009.

I last saw him at Oshkosh in the mid 1990's. He had the Huntress III there with his "Flying Fortress" set up selling rides and T-shirts/memorabilia.

Robert was a great guy.
Stacy Base
Tuesday Jan 15 2019
P-51 Who Who Case: 325
Mike and Cheryl this Stacy your cousin in Kansas. I sure would like to touch base with you guys and see how everyone is doing. Erik if you see this will you please tell your dad to email me? Thank you.
Dan Martin
Monday Jan 14 2019
P-51 Who Who Case: 430
Could be doc duff. No idea about the back seater (wife, girl friend?)
Ken Lantz N651D
Monday Dec 10 2018
P-51 Who Who Case: 23
N651D was owned by Johnny Bolton of Maitand, Fl. He named the plane “Hi Honey”. When he purchased N651D, it was painted in civilian colors of white, orange and black. Bolton repainted it in military Colors (Silver with red candy stripes on tail and yellow and red itrim on wing tips and nose. JBB was the ID on the fuselage. I had the privilege of riding in this Mustang on several occasions. Norm kept the bird spotless. Tragically Johnny and Norm perished in a crash on the way back from Texas to Florida along with Don Plumb in his P-51. The photo below is not N651D. Johnny Bolton previously owned a P-38 (N3JB) and T-6 prior to the P-51 N651D.
Andrew gosser
Wednesday Nov 28 2018
P-51 Who Who Case: 372
is this a two seater?
Trace Turecek
Sunday Nov 18 2018
P-51 Who Who Case: 93
I have several pictures of Habu from that last air show in Colorado if any one is interested in a copy
Ben Gay III
Wednesday Nov 14 2018
P-51 Who Who Case: 152
To the group:

I promised to check in once a month, so here I am!

If you have a question for me, email me at

For group posts of general interest, please put them here.

All the best!
Ben Gay III
Former President of Holiday Magic Cosmetics, etc.
Jim Densmore
Monday Nov 12 2018
P-51 Who Who Case: 393
Privileged to get a ride in this airplane once with Jeff flying.

Cannot see the image though. Where is the image?
Jeff Sherman
Monday Nov 05 2018
P-51 Who Who Case: 17
Knew Dr. Byrum's son Butch , we stopped at the hanger in Iowa City one night Doc and the mechanic had the engine out, quite impressed with that V12.
Bill Montagne
Monday Oct 08 2018
P-51 Who Who Case: 359
There is a LOT more to this story that hardly anyone knows.