The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 201
44-74582     N6329T     Closed
Solved by: Muelot, Vadeboncoeur, Goss, Allen, Linn, Tom
P-51 Who 201
Case#: 201
Date: Sep 27 2002
By: Dax Roman
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74582
Registry: N6329T
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Dana Muelot
10/03/2002 19:12
looks like N6329T when owned by L. and J. Cullum.
Walter Lamb
10/04/2002 10:20
This is a P-51D-25-NA, s/n 44-72777, c/n 122-39236, ex TNI-AU: F344. Purchased from the Indonesian Air Force in the late '70s by Steve Johnson, disassembled, and sold as "kits". This one was purchased by Al Letcher and restored as "Singapore Sally" , registered N8064V. Now owned by Steve Seghetti as N151D
Mike Vadeboncoeur
10/04/2002 21:05
This once belonged to Jay Cullom from Texas. Great Video available of him flying the airplane including a Spin sequence. Now with Joe Thibedeau
Randy Goss
10/07/2002 15:04
44-74582 N6329T ex: N6524D, Now with Joe Thibodeau
Lynn Allen II
10/07/2002 19:05
Easy one, its the world's fastest Skyraider pilot Jay Cullum's P-51
Dan Linn
10/08/2002 10:01
This looks to be the one that was owned by Jay Cullum (spell?). If I recall he and his dad owned it together. I have pictures of this one at a CAF airshow held in Denton Texas back in the late 80's. It changed owners shortly after I saw it and Jay went on to own his Skyraider and T-34.
Tom Tummers
10/10/2002 12:00
1950: RCAF 9253
1958: N6524D, N6329T
1986: "Sumpn Else"
1991: N51JT, N6329T (Joe Thibodeau)
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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