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44-73518 N5483V "Precious Metal"
Ron Buccarelli, Fort Lauderdale FL
P-51 Survivor 44-73518 N5483V
Status: Restoration
NAA Type: P-51D-25NA
Serial #: 44-73518
Registry: N5483V
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History: 44-73518 N5483V "Precious Metal"
1945: Mar 26, delivered, flown to NY PE ATS (New York Port of Embarkation, Air Transport Service), shipped overseas.
1945: Jul 18, returned to USA
1945: Sep 21, declared excess, Newark, then Kelly AFB - storage
1947: Jul 23, ILL ANG, 169th FS, Peoria IL - used for proficiency, flight training
1951: ANG summer camp
1952: Jan 21, Air Defense Command, 133 FW, Holman Field Minneapolis
1952, Jun 25, Air Material Command, Tinker AFB, Transient Maintenance
1952: Dec 02, ADC, 109 FIS (Fighter Interceptor Squadron), Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport
1953: Nov 18, ADC/ANG, 182 FTS (Fighter Training Squadron)
1953: Nov 18, ADC/ANG, 18 FIS, Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport
195?: TX ANG, 182 FIS
1956: Dec, AMC (Air Material Command), Kelly AFB - most likely shipped directly to McClellan
1957: Jun, AMC / Surplus, McClellan AFB, Sacramento CA
1958: Jan 15, sold, surplus

Thanks to Nick Veronico for the Military History

1963: N5483V (#1), Edward Fisher Jr., Kansas City KS
1975: Gary Levitz, Scottsdale AZ - rebuilt as racer "Precious Metal"
1976: Don Whittington, Fort Lauderdale FL - "Miss Florida III"
1977: Don WHittington - "Precious Metal" #9
1984: P-51D N5483V put into storage -
Tail section used on a newly built Griffon powered racer N6WJ.
Goto Page of N6WJ
1987: N6WJ Griffon engine racer built - showed at Reno '88
crashed at Reno - not N5483V
1989: N5483V taken out of storage after N6WJ crashed at Reno - stock tail installed on N5483V
1990: N5483V ditched at sea in TX, salvaged for rebuild
(ditched because of bad WX at destination and low fuel)

2018: Sep, Ron Buccarelli, Restoration Project
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  Mike Shelton    
  Emil Strasser   courtesy Warbird Aero Press  
  Gerald Liang   courtesy Warbird Aero Press  
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