The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 102
44-73973     N151DP     Closed
Solved by: Fred Benenati, Neil Hodgins, William Yoak
P-51 Who 102
Case#: 102
Date: Feb 09 2001
By: Eric Dumigan
Photo: unknown date
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-73973
Registry: N151DP
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Fred Benenati
02/11/2001 09:27
This aricraft is currently cowned by David Price at the Museum of Flying, Santa Monica, CA. The tail number is 1 DP. The paint scheme is still the same.
Neil Hodgins
02/12/2001 12:26
This is a well known Mustang, formerly owned by Jerry Janes, and, last I heard, currently owned by David Price of the Santa Monica Museum of Flying.nnJerry certainly doesn't make it easy for those of us trying to keep track of which airplane is which. The aircraft in question here, (P51-D-25NA, Ser #44-73973) used to carry the Canadian registration "C-GJCJ"; but Jerry also owned another Mustang (P51-D-30NA, Ser # 44-74453) --before or after this one, I don't know--which also carried the same Canadian registration, C-GJCJ, as this one, but that aircraft now flies in the guise of "Glamourous Gal", and is owned and flown by Howard Ross. If this Mustang muddle weren't enough, Jerry also owned (but don't know if he still does) one of the rare two-seat Hawker Sea Fury trainers, which also carried the name "Cottonmouth", same as our Case #102, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it carried (altogether now, class!) "C-GJCJ" under it's port wing!nnHe had me flipping pages in my copy of Paul Coggan's "Mustang Survivors" and on your website for a couple of minutes!
Wiliam D. Yoak
02/13/2001 14:51
This is "Cottonmouth" which was originally owned by Jerry Janes of Vancouver B.C. The aicraft was completed for Janes by what was Aero-Sport (Chino, CA) in approximately 1978. Janes sold it to Dave Price in about 1982 or '83. Price has since entered it several times over the years at Reno since the mid to late 1980's.I think it is still a part of his Museum of Flying collection in Santa Monica, CA.
Fred Benenati
02/20/2001 10:00
By the way, regarding case #102, the paint scheme is still the same, but it no longer says "Cottonmouth" on the side of the plane.
01/23/2012 12:05
When Janes sold the aircraft to Price, there was an understanding that the name "Cottonmouth" did not go with it. Price left the name on the aircraft and some litigation resulted. This aircraft was originally RCAF 9281 from 403 City of Calgary Squadron.. and flew in the Football War during 1969 as 407. Jerry bought the aircraft in El Salvador and brought the pieces back to America.
Ray Moran
03/14/2012 14:09
To whom it may concern.nnMy name is Ray Moran , having spent ten years restoring the 1964 Jaguar 3.8 coupe i decided to research its history, i then contacted Jaguar cars archives and they supplied me with a production trace certificate, the first owner of the car was named as JD Onerem of Dayton Ohio, i then spent many hours on the internet and discovered three addresses in Florida and one in Dallas TX. I then wrote letters to each of these addresses but only received one reply, the reply was from a estate settlement lawyer from Bank of America in Miami saying that the letter would be past on to the Onerem family.nnBut i have not received a reply. Some time later a friend of mine Googled his name and came up with a surprising result, it read that the as a Captain in the US air force he was one of the test pilots on the P38 Lightening tested at Wright field, and then as a Major was the sole test pilot on the Iconic P51 Mustang! I would like to no more about his career as i have not been able to do that on the internet, for instance how long was his air force service, did he test fly other aircraft, did he serve overseas, was he involved with the aircraft industry after leaving the air force.nnI will be sending this to people like yourselves hoping that that i can find out more about JD Onerem, having said that i find all people of that generation an inspiration. nnRay Moran.
Noli Samaras
05/13/2014 11:40
Jerry P51 also called Cottonmouth I remember well. If you are following your links Jerry sent me an email.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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