The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 127
44-74786         Closed
Solved by: Martin Kyburz
P-51 Who 127
Case#: 127
Date: Aug 01 2001
By: Don Eaton
Photo: SAAF P-51 at K-46
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74786
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Martin Kyburz
08/15/2001 01:20
This picture depicts 44-74786 which had seen service with the 191th FS UT ANG before being sent to the Korean War Theater. I don't know which USAF unit it first was assigned to but soon it was transferred to No. 2 Sqdn. SAAF where it served until replaced by F-86 Sabres. This ship being one of the few survivors, it was returned to the USAF which in turn transferred it to the ROKAF on April 8, 1954. My records stop here but I assume that it either was lost in action or scrapped with all surviving ROKAF Mustangs around 1957.
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