The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 301
44-74849     N51JL     Closed
Solved by: Martin Kyburz, Jeff Hunt
P-51 Who 301
Case#: 301
Date: Jun 20 2004
By: Caz Caswell
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74849
Registry: N51JL
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Martin / Swiss Mustangs
06/21/2004 02:00
Hi 44-73849, P-51D-25-NA, NL51JL painted as LH-J "Jack's Toodie III/Late for Dinner". This ship was destroyed in a crash on 17th November 1984 in Ray, MI, killing the pilot, Jack N. Levine. Note the erroneous number on the tail "473489" Martin Kybuez / Swiss Mustangs
Jeff Hunt
07/08/2004 18:40
I believe this photo was taken at the Hamilton (Ontaio) Airshow in the early 1980's. I have one photo of this P-51 dated from June of 1984.
Curtis Fowles
07/28/2004 21:04
Martin is correct. Jeff, can you email me your picture of this P-51? Does any else have any other pictures of N51JL 44-73849? Thanks mustangsx2 (at)
Mike Hastings
08/24/2004 16:11
I flew in this plane in 1984 out of Pontiac Mi using Ly-Con aviation as the FBO. I'm a retired Air Traffic controller and was stationed there during this period. Knew Doc Levine and used to hang out at the airport bar eating steak and drinking beer :)
Tony Briski
10/20/2013 12:52
I worked at Ly-Con aviation, and Jack took me for a ride in this Mustang. During the flight, he requested and was given approval for a "high speed touch and go" (I believe it was at Ray airport)whereupon we dove towards, then down the runway, making a mock strafing run, climbing out and spiraling skyward.

I worked on a P-40 and an F9F being restored at Ly-Con.

Good times.

Tony Briski
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