The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 302
44-63810     N2871D     Closed
Solved by: Martin Kyburz, TJ Johansen
P-51 Who 302
Case#: 302
Date: Jun 20 2004
By: Dick Phillips
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-63810
Registry: N2871D
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Martin / Swiss Mustangs
06/21/2004 01:42
This is 45-11367; ex 167th FS WV ANG; to N2871D; N63810 (1) Martin / Swiss Mustangs
T J Johansen
06/24/2004 09:17
This is 44-63810 N2871D after it had been sold by Planes of Fame to Robin Collard. It has used the serial #45-11367 which is from the P-51 Jim Ventura crashed in Nebraska on Sep. 3, 1967 during an air race. For a photo of that plane, see case #271! T J Johansen
Roger Nelson
02/16/2005 17:36
I am a retired AF CMsgt who served with a Robin Collard at March AFB, CA in 1968 or there about. I am wondering if this is the same person you wrote about in case #302. It would be a great pleasure to contact him if it is. If you can help please reply - - -
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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