The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 341
44-74950     N511D     Closed
Solved by: Roger Baker
P-51 Who 341
Case#: 341
Date: Jun 27 2005
By: Ron Olson
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74950
Registry: N511D
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Roger Baker
06/28/2005 17:26
Good to see this shot of the old Van Nuys Mustang Pilots Club airplane (crashed in 1971). I wonder who the people in the photo are? 44-74950
Brad Haskin
07/27/2005 10:52
Looks like the Mustang that Bob Guilford raced as #3. My guess is Reno 1969, off the top of my head. Mike Coutches H-model in the background.
Robert Morgan
10/09/2005 06:54
The guy with his back to the camera (light slacks/dark sweater) is Lynn Garrison a well-known classic aircraft owner. At this time he owned a Canadian registered P-51 CF-LOR, a Spitfire, plus an F4U-7 Corsair, serial 133693 he had purchased in France and brought to California in 1966/67. He had just purchased the airfield in Ireland, along with hangars, aircraft and support equipment used to create a film thE BLUE MAX for 20th Century Fox. Bob Guilford was his attorney at the time. On September 16, 1970, during the filming of Roger Corman�s RICHthOFEN & BROWN, Garrison was involved in a crash and reported as killed. In typical aviation industry style, Guilford, believing the news reports, then transferred the Corsair into his name. The Corsair happened to be called BLUE MAX, after Garrisons involvement in the film and his Irish firm, Blue Max Aviation.
Michael Collins
10/16/2005 18:56
Just found your site and spent an hour or so looking through the pictures, finding many people I know, or knew. Some of them are dead now. On case 341 I saw the comment about Lynn Garrison. He ended up with the CIA in Haiti where he was advisor to the Haitian government from 1991-1994. The comments about Bob Guilford brought back memories. Garrison was putting a project together with his Blue Max fleet and Guilford was his attorney. Garrison had purchased a house from a guy named Marshall Moss. Marshall was then interested in the War One project. Guilford was handling the legal aspects. All of a sudden Moss dropped the Garrison project and became involved with a Guilford-sponsored aviation business on Santa Monica Airport. Moss was killed in the Corsair N693M, serial number 133693 at an air show in San Diego. Seems as though fate sometimes levels the playing field. Garrison is now coordinating HARP - The Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project... using aircraft to scatter seeds.
John Mercer
12/20/2012 15:45
great web site I spend many hours on here, 1st time to post notice the H model parked next to N511D
Arthur Hughes
07/19/2019 11:27
This P-51 was crashed Aug. 25, 1971, at approx 18:35 by my one-time brother in law Keith Hoyt (1931-71), who was over-stressing the plane doing aerobatics east of Palmdale, Calif., the crash site being near the crossroads of 200 St. E and Ave O-8. See "Van Nuys Valley News" Aug. 27, 1971, page 12 and USTSB LAX72FUQ15 report. He killed himself and a 34-year-old passenger.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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