The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Reno 2012
Formula One, Biplane, Sport, T-6 and Jet Classes
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

Although numbers were down a bit, we saw some great racing in all classes and some cool aircraft. That new Formula One racer "September Fate" is a very sleek, cool-looking racer. It is also very fast finishing 4th on Sunday at 231 mph. Steve Senegal took the Gold again in Formula One at 253 mph.

Biplane class had a surprise DQ of the fastest biplane in the field, "Phantom" flown by Tom Aberle. He usually laps everyone (at least once) every race. Because of that, #25 "Drag Racer" took the Gold on Sunday at 201 mph.

The fastest in the Sport class are faster than the stock unlimiteds. Lee Behel looked great in the dark red #5 MD-5 "Sweet Dreams" and finished 4th at 359 mph. The very sleek blue and white NXT "Relentless" was down on speed this year, but finished the week in 6th at 333 mph. John Parker in his Thunder Mustang "Blue Thunder II" put on a strong performance but fell a bit short of the top spot. He finished 2nd at 377 mph. Jeff LaVelle finished first at 393 mph.

Nick Macy in the T-6 Class set a new race record at 247 mph! Great win for Macy and Team Six-Cat. Two other T-6 racers posted speeds above 240 mph. These noise-makers and getting faster.

Rick Vandam in #5 "American Spirit" took home the Gold in Jet Class with a winning speed of 490 mph.

Reno12_10277t.jpg Reno12_10287t.jpg Reno12_10299t.jpg Reno12_10364t.jpg Reno12_10368t.jpg Reno12_10387t.jpg Reno12_10447t.jpg Reno12_10462t.jpg Reno12_10525t.jpg Reno12_10534t.jpg Reno12_10541t.jpg Reno12_10557t.jpg Reno12_10584t.jpg Reno12_10603t.jpg Reno12_10607t.jpg Reno12_10631t.jpg Reno12_10650t.jpg Reno12_10670t.jpg Reno12_10675t.jpg

Formula One:





Reno12_10679t.jpg Reno12_10708t.jpg Reno12_10723t.jpg Reno12_10742t.jpg Reno12_10745t.jpg Reno12_10756t.jpg Reno12_10918t.jpg Reno12_10926t.jpg Reno12_10941t.jpg Reno12_10944t.jpg Reno12_11030t.jpg Reno12_11273t.jpg Reno12_11583t.jpg Reno12_11602t.jpg Reno12_11674t.jpg Reno12_11677t.jpg Reno12_11695t.jpg Reno12_11724t.jpg Reno12_12051t.jpg Reno12_12068t.jpg Reno12_12087t.jpg

Reno12_12623t.jpg Reno12_12682t.jpg Reno12_14058t.jpg Reno12_14140t.jpg Reno12_14163t.jpg Reno12_14172t.jpg Reno12_14183t.jpg Reno12_14189t.jpg Reno12_7578t.jpg Reno12_8018t.jpg Reno12_8070t.jpg Reno12_8141t.jpg Reno12_8160t.jpg Reno12_8171t.jpg Reno12_8178t.jpg Reno12_8186t.jpg Reno12_8535t.jpg Reno12_8650t.jpg Reno12_9799t.jpg Reno12_9978t.jpg