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44-72413 NX4E "City of Lynchburg Va II"
P-51 Survivor 44-72413 NX4E
Status: Used up - written off
NAA Type: P-51D-20NA
Serial #: 44-72413
Registry: NX4E
.. past:   NX33685
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History: 44-72413 NX4E "City of Lynchburg Va II"
1945: 3rd Air Force, Florida
1946: June - sold surplus for $3,500
1946: NX33685, Woodrow Edmondson
1946: NX4E (#2), Woodrow Edmondson
1946: Sohio Race, 1st at 353 mph, Dale Fulton pilot
1949: Aug 31 - sold to Hawthorne Flying Services - used in Pakistani pilot training program.
1951: Mar - sold to Ultramar International Corp, NY (front for P-51s going to Israel)
1951: Aug 9 deregistered
1951: Apr - shipped to Israel, served as 2318 with 101 Squadron IDFAF
Fate Unknown
1956: claimed to have served in Sinai campaign

History by Dick Phillips
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