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44-73574 N5478V
Richard Ransopher, Kernersville NC
P-51 Survivor 44-73574 N5478V
Status: Restoration
NAA Type: P-51D-25NA
Serial #: 44-73574
Registry: N5478V
.. past:
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History: 44-73574 N5478V

W.Virginia National Guard No.574

1963: N5478V, Marvin Gardner, Mercedes TX
1963: Gardner Flyers Inc, Mercedes TX
1967: Gary Levitz, Dallas TX
1967: Sep 05, crashed Pottstown PA - bounced landing, struck 2 aircraft and T-hangar, heavily damaged
1969: Beth Allen Truck Rental Inc, Stowe PA
1984: Richard Ransopher, Kernsville NC - crashed hulk, rep. used in restoration of N6175C, 45-11558
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  Dennis Morgan    
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