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44-13954 G-UAKE "Da Quake"
Philip S Warner, Coventry, Warwickshire
P-51 Survivor 44-13954 G-UAKE
Status: Restoration
NAA Type: P-51D-10NA
Serial #: 44-13954
Registry: G-UAKE
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History: 44-13954 G-UAKE "Da Quake"

1944: Jun 16, built, North American Aviation P-51D-10NA, Inglewood CA
1944: 8th Air Force, served with 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
Lt. Col. John "Earthquake" McGinn with 5 air victories.
1944: Aug 26, crashed, on beach near Bordeaux
1980: recovered wreck by French salvage company
1996: sale, Phil Earthey, UK
2001: David Kingshot, long-term restoration
2004: Feb 17, The Mustang Restoration Company LTD, Coventry
2006: Oct 10, G-UAKE, Philip S Warner, Evesham UK
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Image Credits:
  David Kingshot    
  Marc Koelich    
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