The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 110
44-74950     N511D     Closed
Solved by: Gregory Shaw, William Yoak
P-51 Who 110
Case#: 110
Date: Apr 01 2001
By: Mike Wetzell
Photo: the blue/white/black P-51
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74950
Registry: N511D
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Walter Bagdasarian
05/01/2001 04:15
I believe this is the one that Bill Speer built up into Pegasus.
William D. Yoak
05/02/2001 19:09
This Mustang was N511D which was owned by the Mustang Pilot's Club at Van Nuys Airport from the mid sixties until its demise in 1971. My father was a member of this club and N511D was the first '51 he flew. I received my first Mustang ride from him in this aircraft when I was six years old.This is an unforgettable Mustang in my life for that reason.This club included such members as Bob Guilford, Clay Lacy (in addition to Lacy having his own Mustang).nnThe aircraft was destroyed in 1971 which claimed the life of the pilot and passenger. The pilot's name was Keith Hoyt. The unwitnessed accident happened in the outskirts of Palmdale, California in an aerobatic practice area over the open desert. It was believed that Hoyt either performed a loop or a split-s at too low of a level to recover and at an excessive entry speed as his estimated impact speed was 430+ MPH. Hoyt was a low -time pilot in high performance aircraft and in performing aerobatics and this accident occurred shortly after the time he was checked out in the aircraft.
Gregory Shaw
01/01/2002 00:00
This mustang was owned by the mustang pilots club of van nuys ca, The aircraft was lost in 1971-1972 time period. Pilot and pass killed, Reg. number N511D. This picture was taken at Reno when Bob Guilford used it as a race entry.
Bill Eaton
08/24/2002 15:56
The blue/white Cavalier was N511D owned by Bob Guilford--see Birch Matthews' book "Wet Wings and Drop Tanks" pages 172 and 241 for more pictures of Guilford's airplane. Guilford's airplane had a white spinner at Reno '69, as seen in the book, so this picture is probably after that, since I don't think Dave Zeuschel had N332 at Reno prior to about 1970-71.
Bob Gruenhagen
07/08/2013 22:15
I had custody of this beauty in the spring of 1964 when owned by Mel Paisley of Boeing. Needed an engine change an annual and related work. I got my first ride on the test hop and Mel sold her to the Mustang pilots club. She was painted yellow and cream and serialled 44-74950. Last saw her at Reno in 1965 in this paint job. See case # 317.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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