The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 116
44-73436     N6313T     Closed
Solved by: Doug Jackson Jr, Dick Phillips
P-51 Who 116
Case#: 116
Date: Apr 01 2001
Photo: unknown date/place
(still flying)
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-73436
Registry: N6313T
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Doug Jackson Jr.
04/14/2001 10:10
This might be Wally Peterson's -51, taken at Chelan Airport, WA. Don't know much about the reg#. though...
Skip Kubik
04/19/2001 20:29
This Mustang looks like the one I believe was once owned or operated by Oral Roberts in the late '50s, early '60's.
Vlado Lenoch
04/30/2001 20:21
Possibly N5445V, which is now restored as ' Worry Bird '
Dick Phillips
05/03/2001 13:34
It is N6313T #2 44-73436 It became N51TK #1 then N51KD. Wally Fisk had it here in the Polar Air Museum for several years, then sold it to someone in the Pacific Northwest. Can't recall the name. The photo is probably at Abbottsford about 1974.
Rorey Sisson
05/14/2011 21:02
The photo was taken in Chelan Washington at the airport. I lived below the hill in the background where the 51 is pictured. I think the the photo is circa 1965-66. I was about 15 years old then, and watched Wally Peterson fly this old war bird all the time. I even got to sit in it once!
Jerry Isenhart
07/02/2012 09:09
The photo is of Wally Peterson's P-51. Wally hangared the plane at the Chelan Airport, Chelan, Wa, (98816). Wally would fly frequently over the lake, giving locals and tourists an acrobatic show that was his practice training for Abbotsford and all the other competitions he participated in across the West. Wally was a distinguished pilot. He would fly upside down and about 15 feet off the water for 6 or 7 miles and then pull up (push down) and climb straight up to a hammerhead stall. and come back down and back down the lake at 300-400 mph; again at 10-15 feet off the deck and upside down). Email me if you want to know more. Here in our region we have the Annual Wally Peterson Air Show each June. n nHere's a LINK to a story about the event recently
Bob Notson
02/18/2015 03:21
Wallys bird came out of Canadian surplus sometime in the 60's. I found Wallys Mustang in the early 70's when I was learning to fly at Boeing Field and he was having the engine overhauled by mostly hydroplane mechanics that were also based on Boeing Field at that time. The hanger faced the runway taxiway and so the "public" could'nt see it from the road. I came taxiing in one day and the doors were open so it was in full view. Needless to say I put the Citabra away and found my way back to that hanger. I hung on the rope separating the airplane from the rest of the world. Soon I was cleaning the floor and tools around the hanger. I was there every night and weekend until the engine overhaul project was completed. Wally would sometimes fly over in his Cessna 310 to check on the project during the weeks it was laid up. One of the final checks before flight was a five minute full power engine run up. We had to chain the tail down to a hard point in the taxi way near the runway and let it rip. We had dust from one end of Boeing field to the other from the propwash. After it was returned to flight status Wally was very generous in giving rides to the mechanics and myself. He did several airshows around the sound in the following weeks and I had to follow him to see him and the airplane fly. If Wally saw you standing in the crowd he would lift the barrier rope up and get a folding chair and sit you under the wind of his airplane. It finally came time for him to take his airplane home and he didnt have a passenger so I volunteered to ride with him and I didnt care if I had to walk back to Seattle. We took ride over the Cascades and then a quick drop down over the Lake and up the other bank to his House in Manson and as we came up off the water he rolled the airplane inverted and said someone was in his pool.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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