The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 130
45-11381     N5471V     Closed
Solved by: Phillips, Lenoch, Kyburz
P-51 Who 130
Case#: 130
Date: Aug 01 2001
By: Bill Green
Photo: 1970
Status: Closed
Serial: 45-11381
Registry: N5471V
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Dick Phillips
08/18/2001 19:28
This is N5471V 45-11381
Vlado Lenoch
08/19/2001 22:15
Looks like a previous one: N5417V @ very early Oshkosh.
Martin Kyburz
08/28/2001 04:32
This is 45-11381, ex 167th FS WV ANG 'Little Max', registered N5471V, crashed/dbf 6.81 at Casper WY (Ed Browning), rebuilt and registered C-CRLR 9.83 (Ritchie Rasmussen) 'Flying Undertaker', N151MR 4.85 (Mickey Rupp), N551CB 9.85 (Connie Bowlin) 'Glamorous Glenn III'
Tom Huismann
08/20/2002 12:27
A little more information on Case #130. The Mustang in the picture is N5471V, which at the time was owned by my father, Jack. He originally purchased the airplane with two other pilots, each put up $5000. The airplane was based at the Waukesha County airport. A short time later, dad bought the other two pilots out. In 1971, after an extensive overhaul with the help of ex-Wisconsin Air Guard P-51 mechanics, my father repainted 71V in the colors of William Shomo's "The Flying Undertaker."

Due to financial problems, my dad had to sell the Undertaker in 1974. Selling price at that time was $54,000. Not a bad profit from the original $15,000, however, I wish we could have kept it. I was lucky to get many flights in the airplane, but I wish that it could have remained in my family long enough so I would have gotten a chance to fly it.

The Mustang remains my favorite airplane.

If anyone who has pictures of N5471V during the period of time when my father owned the airplane, I would be willing to pay for them. (please email webmaster if you have photos)
Ralph Boyd
11/26/2014 19:21
I just saw this aircraft in a "nudie cutie" from 1963 (24:15 in)
James Miller
12/06/2019 19:45
The top picture is with me on the wing. I meet Mr Huismann at Rockford in 1969 and cleaned his Mustang during the week of the EAA fly-in.
They asked for helpers in 1970 for Oshkosh and I submitted my name and he said I would be welcome to look after his plane again. I went
Down by myself in 1970 and was given a flight both years in the Mustang at the end of the week. I still remember the thrill and noise during the
Flight. Just great.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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