The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 136
44-74204     N51U     Closed
Solved by: Lynn Allen, John Harjo
P-51 Who 136
Case#: 136
Date: Sep 02 2001
By: John Harjo, Minter Field
Photo: photo by John Harjo, Minter Field
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74204
Registry: N51U
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Lynn Allen II
09/19/2001 19:58
My Guess is the late Bill Speer and and De Ja Vu...
William Yoak
10/04/2001 21:31
This looks like the Mustang that was owned by Max Ramsey. It underwent a lengthy restoration at what was Unlimited Aircraft Ltd. from approx. 1975-1983 at Chino, CA. This photo closely resembles Ramsey's Mustang shortly after it was completed in late '82 or early '83 prior to it receiving a paint job.
Walter Bagdasarian
10/10/2001 13:29
That P-51 is the Late Bill Speers "Pegasus" Before it was painted.
12/01/2001 12:00
This is a P-51 that was owned by Bill Speer. But which one of the P-51s owned by Speer? This photo was taken in April of 1993 at Minter Field, CA.

Here is a larger image ... Good Luck!
John Harjo
12/05/2001 22:15
That's my photo of Bill Speers's N51U, Deja Vu at Minter Field in April 1993, that I sent to Dick Phillips back then. There's no mystery here, it definitely is Speers's airplane, which of course was destroyed Sept 13, 1994 at Reno. I believe this was its' first airshow appearance. I always thought it was bad karma to call it "Deja Vu" when they used George Enhorning's registration for the new airplane, and sure enough, almost four years after Enhorning's fatal crash in Passion Wagon Speers was also killed.
12/31/2001 12:00
P-51D 44-74204, N51U registered to George Enhorning, painted as "Passion Wagon", crashed and was destroyed in Cape Cod, MA on the 29th of September 1990 - Enhorning was killed.

After Speer's crash, a partial restoration was started. The fuselage was completed or nearly completed. The project, owned by the late Keith Schell (sp?), was put up for sale by the estate in 2001.
10/27/2008 21:09
I'm not sure if many people know this, but George was not alone in that crash in 1990. An unlucky winner at the Miss Eelgrass festival in Chatham won a raffle for a free ride(I was 9yrs old, and was upset that I didn't win). Upon landing, the prop shaft shattered, sending George and his passenger into the trees about 100yds. before the runway. Very sad for their families.
Larry Mikulanis
05/21/2013 14:11
I knew Bill, not well, but well enough to stop by his hanger periodically when it was located at Montgomery Field Airport (MYF)in San Diego, CA. He always took time out to talk and to show off his pride and joy as he was rebuilding his P 51. I was always amazed at his friendliness and love and pride of his work. I am glad some of his work still lives on in others' airframes.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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