The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 319
44-74494     N6356T     Closed
Solved by: Yoak, Krumrei, Johansen
P-51 Who 319
Case#: 319
Date: Aug 30 2004
By: Steve Williams
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74494
Registry: N6356T
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Willliam yoak
09/08/2004 02:25
Same aircraft as Case#: 199
Paul Krumrei
09/24/2004 21:42
Serial #: 44-74494 Construction #:122-41034

Delivered to RCAF as 9237. - BOC: Dec. 6, 1950. - SOC: Nov. 1, 1960.
James H. Defuria & Fred J. Ritts/Intercontinental Airways, Conastota, NY, Dec. 30, 1958.
- Registration N6313T reserved but not taken up.
- Ferried to USA as N6313T but not formally registered.
Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN, 1960.
- Registered as N6356T.
Capital Steel, Baton Rouge, LA, June 13, 1963-1964.
Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN, Mar. 20, 1964.
Benjamin B. Peck/Interocean Airways, Luxemburg/Munich, West Germany, Feb. 20, 1964-1966.
- Delivered from U.S. to Luxembourg, arrived July 28, 1964. Charles Masefield, Shoreham, UK, Aug. 1966-1970
- Used in movie "Patton", 1969. -- painted as USAAF/643147.
Ed A. Jurist/Vintage Car Store, Nyack, NY, Mar. 15, 1970-1972.
- Shipped to USA, Jan. 1971.
- Flew as 415271/OC-E. Ed A. Jurist/Vintage Aircraft International, Brownwood, TX, Feb. 27, 1972-1975.
David C. Tallichet/MARC, Chino, CA, Mar. 1975-1979.
Wally McDonnell, Mojave, CA, 1979. Bill Destefani, Bakersfield, CA, 1979-1981.
Bill Destefani, Shafter, CA, Jan. 1981-1987.
- Registered as N72FT.
- Flew as race #72/Mangia Pane/474494/LH-D. Vintage Aircraft Inc, Mountain View, CA, Sept. 4, 1987-2002.
- Flown as 411661/Iron Ass.
T J Johansen
11/23/2004 12:47
N6356T shot at Biggin Hill in 1969. Painted up for the movie "Patton". Not used, and replaced by three "Buchons" with fake airscoops. Also not used, and replaced by T-6s. Now with Hugh Bikle and painted up as "Iron Ass". T J Johansen Oslo, NORWAY
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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