The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 128
44-74427     N2251D     Closed
Solved by: Phillips, Steffey, Stuart, Kyburz
P-51 Who 128
Case#: 128
Date: Aug 01 2001
By: Bill Green
Photo: 1970
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74427
Registry: N2251D
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Dick Phillips
08/18/2001 19:39
None other than Bob Hoovers first mustang N2251D 44-74427. It became MISS CORONADO, then NOOKY BOOKY IV. Presently in France as F-AZSB.
Glenn Bloom
08/22/2001 14:21
This is Bob Hoover's yellow Mustang before it got the famous Rockwell paint scheme. It is now called Old Yeller ... and has been at Reno and Oshkosh. I do not know who owns her.
Robbie Stuart
08/23/2001 12:26
I believe this 44-74427 which is now owned by Baudet, JCB Aviation in Nimes France, registration # F-AZSB, "Nooky Booky IV". Previous owners; RCAF as 9592, 1959 Trans Florida Aviation as N9148R,sold in 1962, & as pictured was Bob Hoovers mount N2251D, was damaged & repaired in 1965, 1970 was badly damaged when the oxygen bottles exploded, as I believe was from improper servicing, rebuilt using parts from 44-74435, 1975 sold to John Stokes, 1978 sold to John Baugh & was painted & flown as "Miss Coronado", sold to Paul Romine in 1990, 1994 sold to Brain Hoffner, & became "Nooky Booky IV", & when the airplane was deregistered for export, it was registered to Kenair Inc. Palm Beach Int'l Airport.
Martin Kyburz
08/28/2001 04:32
This is 44-74427 delivered 1950 to RCAF (9592), flew with Nos. 403, 442 and 443 Squadrons; N9148R 10.59 (Trans Florida Aviation); N2251D 1962 [Cavalier-conversion](Bob Hoover); repaired after slight accident 1965; Badly damaged at Oshkosh 1970 in O2-bottle explosion; rebuilt by using parts from 44-74435 (Shulke / Bolton);(John Stokes) 1975; (John Baugh) 1978 "Miss Coronado"; (Paul Romine) 1990; (Brian Hoffner) 1994 "Nooky Booky IV"; sold 1996(?) to JCB aviation in France; still flies as "Nooky Booky IV"
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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