The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 340
45-11526     VH-FST     Closed
Solved by: David M, Paul Krumrei
P-51 Who 340
Case#: 340
Date: Jul 03 2005
By: Neville Murphy
Status: Closed
Serial: 45-11526
Registry: VH-FST
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David M
07/04/2005 23:03
NA124-48279, 45-11526, VH-FST (painted as 44-72505/66)
Paul Krumrei
11/02/2005 18:04
P-51D-20, 44-72505, "The Flying Undertaker" of Maj William Shomo, CO of the 82nd trS, 71st trG, Binmaley, February-April, 1945
Paul Krumrei
12/26/2005 21:39
More Info:
Serial #: 45-11526 Construction #: ?
Civilian Registration: VH-FST
Model: P-51D-30NT
Name: The Flying Undertaker
Status: Airworthy Last Info: 2002
History: John Sievers Clovis, CA, 1980-1999.
- Composite restoration. -- Based on TNI-AU airframe.
- Restoration started.
Bill Wylie/Wylie Aviation, Perth, Australia, Aug. 12, 1999-2002.
- Registered as VH-FST.
- Restoration completed by Rob Poynton/Panama Jacks, Australia.
Peter Finlay
06/10/2006 03:24
Hi, "The Flying Undertaker" made her debut at Termora Aviation Museum flying day on Friday, 9th June 2006. Photographs may be seen @ gallery entitled "Temora 9.6.06". She looked great and sounded wonderful. Peter
03/14/2016 13:33
Construction number: 124-48279
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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