The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Reno 2005
Non Racers
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

There's more than just racing at Stead Field in September. Many excellent vintage aircraft and warbirds to browse. Vendors like Cessna, Beechcraft, Lancair, Lycoming, Columbia, Breitling and Rolls Royce are at Reno with displays that will want you wanting more.

RN5_5726t.jpg RN5_5750t.jpg RN5_5759t.jpg RN5_5767t.jpg RN5_5787t.jpg RN5_5799t.jpg RN5_5830t.jpg RN5_5894t.jpg RN5_5907t.jpg RN5_5979t.jpg RN5_6146t.jpg RN5_6353t.jpg RN5_6399t.jpg RN5_6410t.jpg RN5_6845t.jpg

Jelly Belly had some very cool toys to check out. Several custom choppers, a chopper side car, complete with human size (almost) stuffed Jelly Guy Doll thing, a Jelly Belly Stearman and a Jelly Belly Bug (the VW car). Oh, and a matching P-51.

The Viet Nam era was represented by the OV-10, an AD-1 Skyraider (fully armed :) and the F-100 (cool). Get up close to the AD-1. That is one huge warbird. There might have been a Mig-21 tucked away on the east end. There usually is one on display.

RN5_6846t.jpg RN5_6849t.jpg RN5_7020t.jpg RN5_7022t.jpg Reno5_2130t.jpg Reno5_2151t.jpg Reno5_2153t.jpg Reno5_2154t.jpg Reno5_2158t.jpg Reno5_2160t.jpg Reno5_2171t.jpg Reno5_2201t.jpg Reno5_2204t.jpg Reno5_2209t.jpg Reno5_2242t.jpg Reno5_2258t.jpg Reno5_2281t.jpg

Non racing flyers include several military displays, the USAF Thunderbirds, the Canadian Snowbirds, Legacy and Heritage Flights, aerobatics and Bob Odegaard in the Super Corsair. You know, they bring that racing Super Corsair to Reno and never race it. A Super Corsair has won at Reno in the past, so what do you say Bob? Reno 2006 is still months away ... plenty of time.

Reno5_2327t.jpg Reno5_2328t.jpg Reno5_2330t.jpg Reno5_2331t.jpg Reno5_2335t.jpg Reno5_2337t.jpg Reno5_2338t.jpg Reno5_2341t.jpg Reno5_2343t.jpg Reno5_2381t.jpg Reno5_2472t.jpg Reno5_2500t.jpg Reno5_2522t.jpg Reno_2591t.jpg Reno_v2166t.jpg Renot_2165t.jpg