The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 303
44-74850     N2112     Closed
Solved by: Johansen, Daly, Marshall
P-51 Who 303
Case#: 303
Date: Jun 24 2004
By: Dick Phillips
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74850
Registry: N2112
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T J Johansen
06/25/2004 05:31
Is this by any chance 44-74756 N2112 from the days Bill Ross owned it? Another possibility is 44-73163 N5151R as I seem to have seen it in the same paint scheme as N2112, but with different colors! T J Johansen Oslo, NORWAY
David Daly
06/26/2004 00:14
This photo would have looked better if it was in colour The id of this Mustang in the list I have could be N2116 <1> 44-74850 or N2116 <2> 44-73990 If I am wrong please let me know
Curtis Fowles
07/28/2004 20:57
Good guesses! Since neither TJ nor David were absolutely sure, I will say that one of them is right on one of their two. That leaves a choice of 4, oh well, I will narrow it down to 3! N211? sn? Good Luck!
Bud Marshall
08/03/2004 12:08
Plane owned by Tony Mulherin, not sure of the spelling of last name, was from Augusta, Ga. Plane rebuilt by Mustangs Unlimited of Atlanta. From memory as I can't find the pictures I have showing the "N" number it was N2116.
Brad Haskin
03/04/2005 11:53
Tony Mulherin also owned an unlimited hydroplane called Hallmark Homes in 1971...painted red and white, just like this Mustang.
Ron Walters
02/11/2010 03:21
This indeed was owned by Tony Mulherin in Augusta, Ga. As a teenager, I worked for Robinson Aviation at Bush Field in Augusta. Besides the Mustang, Tony owned a Cessna 411 and a Pitts Special. He also bought a 310 while I was there. I would occasionally fly with Tony in the 411. This in the 1967-1968 time frame. From our home, closer to town, anyone flying to Bush Field after passing the VOR would go right over us. You always knew when Tony was flying the Mustang. Ron Walters Savannah, GA
Tim Richter
03/04/2013 21:15
The picture of the Mustang in Hallmark homes livery was N2116. I do not know the serial number. Tony Mulherin was the owner and president of Hallmark Homes. As a teenager I had ridden in that aircraft a few times. My father was a building contractor in the Charleston SC area and had built several prefab homes manufactured by Hallmark Homes in Augusta. We were well acquainted with Tony as our family came from a recreational aviation background. I still have pictures of N2116 and vivid memories of my back seat time in that aircraft. I also have the issue of Atlanta magazine that did an article on Mustangs Unlimited and featured a 2 page spread photo of N2116 in flight. I have pursued aviation as a career ( presently employed as a corporate pilot on a Hawker 850 ). Those rides in that aircraft were responsible for my motivation and desire to fly for a living. At the age of 16 when I was exposed to this aircraft ( I am now 60 as I write this) I will never forget the thrill of the sights, sounds, and aroma of the exhaust during engine start of this memorable aircraft.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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